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How to add an Icon to your Instagram Highlights

Hey Cutie!

So today I’m going to share a quick tutorial I have created to guide you through how to add an icon image to your instagram highlights. Be sure to have the icon or colour you’d like to use as your highlight icon ready and saved in your phones image gallery.

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  1. Firstly, you need to view your profile and long press on the story that’s in your Highlight section. Choose the story you would like to add an icon to. If you long press on the story, a menu should appear.
  2. Press ‘Edit Highlight’ on the menu.
  3. A menu should appear where you can change the title of the Highlight and Edit the cover. We’re going to press ‘Edit Cover.
  4. In the ‘Edit Cover’ section, you should get a preview of your story that you can re-size to use as an icon and be able to access your image gallery. We’re going to access the image gallery.
  5. Then we are going to choose an image or colour from our image gallery to use as an icon. I’m going to use this cute ice cream icon. If it’s too small, you can pinch the image with your fingers to make it bigger and fit into the circle.
  6. Now we press ‘done’ and you should see the new icon in the circle. Press ‘done’ again.
  7. And we’re finished! If you go to your profile your new instagram highlight icon should appear.

I hope you have found this useful.



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