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How To Add A Story To Your Instagram Highlights in 2020 (With Pictures)

Hey Cutie,

I’ve made this Mini Tutorial to show you how to add a Story to your Instagram Highlights in 2020. This tutorial was created to help you create a story on Instagram and then add it to the Highlights section.

The cool thing about saving a story to your Highlights is that it saves the story and can be kept on your profile for as long as you like, plus you can also have a highlight for all your different interests to let people get to know you more.

So, Let’s get started!

  1. Firstly, you need to open your instagram account and head over to your profile.
  2. Click on your profile picture, it should display a blue plus sign. 2b. If the above step doesn’t work , try clicking on the home icon and pressing on ‘Your Story’ to access the Editor.
  3. Now you’re in the Story Editor. You can either take photos with your camera, record videos or insert images and videos from your phone gallery.
  4. Once you’ve taken a photo / recorded a video / inserted an image or video and are ready to share this to your stories, press the send to button.
  5. For this tutorial we’re going to share our story to everyone so that whoever visits our profile can see it. This means you just press the ‘Share’ button next to ‘Your Story’.
  6. Now if you go back to your profile and click on your profile picture, your most recent story post should show up. Theres some extra icons at the bottom of the page, you will need to click the love heart icon that says ‘Highlight’ to choose this to be featured in your story highlights.
  7. A menu will ask you if you want to add a new highlight or choose an existing highlight. This is up to you. Think about what category you’d like this Highlight to go in and whether you need to create a new category for it or not. Decide what to call your highlight if it’s going to be a new one.
  8. You should then receive a notification saying that you have added this to your highlights.
  9. You’re done! If you go back to your profile, you should see your story has now been saved to the ‘Highlights Section’.

I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful!



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