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Instagram Templates for Business


Instagram Templates for Business


In this post I’m going to give complete lowdown on everything you need to know about Instagram Templates for Business.

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What are Instagram Templates?

Instagram Templates are a form of social media graphics made especially for the platform. They are a great resource for business owners as they can be created to suit your business or brand, making it easier for you to keep consistent with your branding online. 

For example, you can create a template to match your brand colours, include your business name or logo and add your website. You can also have graphics included , patterns and textures that represent your brand. 

There are mainly two different types of templates you can get for instagram, one to use for your Instagram posts and another for your stories. They are sized correctly for the platform so they will fit perfectly on your feed or stories. 

Social Media Templates are Trending Right Now

Well-known brands are using social media templates right now. This shows that they are very effective to use, on-trend and great for branding on social media.

Facebook launched their very own free templates to help business owners during the pandemic.

The above template is great for business owners to use when they want to show their customers that they are still taking orders. You could use this post and let your customers know the best way to order from you. 

Pictured above, this template can be used to let your customers know that your products and services are available online. Be sure to include links on where the customer can purchase your products if you decide to use this template. 

If you would like support during this situation for your business, then the above template is great to share with your customers to highlight this. This could be support in general or maybe you are doing a fundraiser.

If your business is offering gift cards then you can use the template above to share with your audience to promote them.

Finally, you can use the above image to show that you are grateful to those who are following you and supporting your business on social media with the above graphic. 

All images used above belong to Facebook.

You can access these social media templates to help you in your business and use them for free on Facebook by clicking here.

Why should I use an Instagram Template for Business?

An Instagram template can be used to advertise your business and contain your brand name, colours and website address. 

If you use a blank instagram template, it can be edited by using apps like Canva to add your own text. This means that the template can be re-used, so your feed will stay consistent with your brand.


The image above is an example of a blank instagram template designed by me at Takara Designs. Blank Templates make it easy for you to stay consistent with your branding on Instagram as you can re-use them , making your posts look similar to one another. They also work as a great marketing tool as they can include your business name and website.

Click here to check out all of our blank template designs available.

You can also get a template design to share a number of different things about you and your business. Some ideas for a specific template design can be:

Before and After Results

Product / Service Based 


Latest on the Blog

These too can feature your brand colours to help you stay consistent on Instagram quickly and easily. They can also contain photos of you and your products to share with your audience.

Here are some examples of different types of template designs you can use for your business:


As pictured above, the ‘Lets Work Together’ template depicts a photograph that can be of yourself to share on your feed to introduce yourself to your followers and show that you are available to work with them in a friendly way. This would be great if you are in a service based business. The example shown above is from where I worked with a client and changed the colours, added a photo and preferred business details to suit their business and branding for them to use on Instagram. You can get this for your business by clicking here.


In the image above, the ‘Before and After’ template design can show the results of using a certain product by showcasing how it looked before you used the product and after. If you are promoting products, then this helps show your clients how well your products work and the actual results they can get from it. Bonus Tip: Use your own photographs as results or a clients results. Google images can be edited and not realistic, also its sometimes obvious to the person when you are not posting real results. You can get your own Before and After Template by clicking here.

 If you don’t want to be spending your precious time creating graphics that reflect your branding for your feed and want something that will do the job and save you time, then it’s definitely worth getting a template design. 

I hope this article has given you a good understanding of what Instagram templates are and how they can be used to help you in business.It is so important to get your feedback and thoughts so feel free to leave me a comment.

You can purchase a pre-made template design from us for your Instagram from our store by clicking here or you can contact me for a bespoke social media design that can be for Instagram or Facebook.

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How To Look Professional On Facebook for Business Owners


How To Look Professional On Facebook


Today I wanted to share with you How To Look Professional On Facebook by giving you some easy ways you can tweak your Facebook to ensure that you look professional. If you want to use Facebook to promote your business, then my top nine tips should help you!

So , here’s the training video on How To Look Professional On Facebook  for those of you who enjoy watching videos and want to see more of me, but don’t worry I’ve also written it out below for all you readers out there.

If you would like to join my FREE Facebook community where I provide value like the training above for boss babes who want to own it on social media, click here to join. I’d love to see you there!

How to Look Professional On Facebook

I will be covering all the bases and we will be looking at exactly How To Look Professional On Facebook by going through:

  1. Your Personal Profile

2. Your Facebook Business Page

3.Your Facebook Group

4. How To Make Sure Your Visuals Are Consistent – This will help you with branding.

So, let’s dig in!

  1. How to Tweak your Personal Profile

  • Your Profile Picture

TOP TIP #1: You need to ensure that your profile picture is of yourself!

This is important because if you are networking on Facebook as a business owner, it’s more than likely that someone is going to check your personal profile out. People are nosey and want to see what it is you do, what you look like and who they will be working with.

 By making sure that your picture is of yourself, the person viewing this will have a good idea of exactly who you are and this can also help with your personal branding.

TOP TIP #2: Your Profile Picture should clearly show your face with a non-distracting background

Ensuring that your profile picture can be viewed clearly will make things easier for the person viewing your profile to see who you are.

 If you have a clear background, this will ensure that your photo will stand out. Also, Facebook shrinks your profile picture into a thumbnail view when interacting via your profile, through messages, group pages and so on. 

Therefore, if you have a clear photo of yourself with no distractions, it will still look good as a thumbnail. This way people can still see clearly who you are without it being too complicated.

  • Your Cover Photo

You can use your cover photo to your advantage and have it to advertise yourself or your business. 

This is down to whether you want to use your personal profile as a professional business profile, or if you want it to be more personal.

If you are using the cover photo professionally, you need to make sure it gives the viewer a good idea of what you do as a business and what services/ products you offer. Share value and show the viewer how you can help them.

TOP COVER PHOTO TIP #1: Make sure that your cover photo looks inviting, welcoming and appealing for people to look at. Think of it as your storefront. If you are using images and text, make sure the text is easy to read and that they are good quality images that aren’t blurry.

This is a pet peeve of mine so cue the constructive criticism: Don’t crudely cut a photo of yourself out on an app and pop it on a background…you need to look professional if you want people to take you seriously.

TOP COVER PHOTO TIP #2: Your cover photo should give the viewer a good idea of what you do as a business and not be confusing! Keep it simple.

  • Your Bio

Your ‘Bio’ is basically a small ‘About Me’ section you can fill in so that when people view your profile, they can get to know you more. It’s meant to be short and sweet, but you can definitely utilise this by making it more professional.

TOP BIO TIP: Tell the reader what it is you do in business and how you can help them.

Whether you want to briefly add your job description / niche into your bio, or be more professional, you should definitely include this information in your Bio. So when other people are looking at your profile, they’ll be able to see straight away what it is you do and how you may be able to help them.

To get even more professional, saying how you help people solve a certain problem is a great way to show whoever is looking at your profile what to expect from you. This depends on your choice and whether you want to use your personal profile to collect leads and promote your business or if you’d prefer to use it personally.

2. How to Make Sure Your Facebook Business Page Looks Professional

  • Your Facebook Business Page Name

If you already have a business, then simply naming the page to the same as your business is a good idea. However, if you’re looking to launch a new business and use Facebook to leverage it, then you should really consider this question when naming your business.

  • Does your business name clearly describe what you do and what services or products you provide?
  • If you’ve decided on a business name for other reasons, then you need to make sure your visuals and tagline display your profession clearly.

  • Your Facebook Business Page Profile Picture

TOP TIP #1 For your Business Page Profile Picture: Make Sure that the image gives the reader a good idea of what you do as a business.

Your profile picture for your business page can be a logo, of yourself or an image that best represents your business.

 The goal is to ensure that the person looking at your business page can quickly and easily get a feel for your business and understand what you do as a business owner whether this is a product based or service based business.

  • Your Business Page Cover Photo

As this is your business page, it should definitely be professional and not personal. So you need to make sure that it gives the viewer a good understanding of what you specialise in and how you can help them. Also, follow the same advice given for your personal profile cover photo which I’ll re-iterate here so you don’t have to scroll up.

TOP COVER PHOTO TIP #1: Make sure that your cover photo looks inviting, welcoming and appealing for people to look at. Think of it as your storefront. If you are using images and text, make sure the text is easy to read and that they are good quality images that aren’t blurry.

This is a pet peeve of mine so cue the constructive criticism: Don’t crudely cut a photo of yourself out on an app and pop it on a background…you need to look professional if you want people to take you seriously.

TOP COVER PHOTO TIP #2: Your cover photo should give the viewer a good idea of what you do as a business and not be confusing! Keep it simple.

3. How to Make Sure Your Facebook Group is On Point

  • Your Facebook Group Name

Your Facebook Group Name should give the reader a good idea of what your group is about and what to expect from your group.

TOP GROUP TIP: Think of relevant keywords your ideal client may be searching for, can you include this in the group name?

  • Your Facebook Group Cover Photo

Follow the advice given above for your Group Cover Photo. You might also want to make sure your group cover photo displays your group name, especially if it’s different from the name of your business page.

How to Keep Your Visuals On Brand and Consistent

So, now we’ve learnt the elements to making your Facebook more professional for business, it’s worth talking about your branding.

You may want to use the same colour schemes, fonts and the same imagery or similar imagery in your visuals. This will make sure that the overall look of your business is on brand and consistent, so there is familiarity in your branding when users move from your group to your page and so forth. This will also help people become more associated with your visuals and branding.

Now we’re done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my ultimate guide on how to make your Facebook more professional. Do let me know in the comments if you have found this useful and if you’re going to use any of this training to improve on using Facebook for business.

Also, as we’ve spoke so much about Facebook today, It’d be rude for me not to invite you over to my free Facebook group. So if you wanna keep in the loop and learn more things like this, then I would love for you to join us! Just click the image below to join.


Takara Meredith

Owner of Takara Designs UK